We are social workers who believe that social justice should be within reach of all and no one should be deprived of  justice from the court looking at the hefty fee of lawyers.

We have made this website to help the couples seeking divorce under mutual consent, making the process, smooth, economical and hassle free. Our aim is to make the process easy, fast and comfortable. We know that common people have no idea of the laws and are afraid of the courts. The lawyers also take advantage of such ignorance.

Through this website you can get all the required information to seek divorce under mutual consent without the need of any lawyer. We help and guide you at every step so that you can put up your own petition with the concerned court and get the results.

We can cater to any individual living in India and wishing to file a mutual consent divorce petition. Through the internet you will receive all the help with full secrecy in the privacy of  your home. No need to divulge all your personal details to any lawyer in the same city where you live, as it may get embarrassing at times. As we are not in your city, don't know you, and everything is online, you are in the safe hands and your privacy is fully protected and respected.

To get the procedure to get help from us, please send a mail to helptodivorce@gmail.com We will reply within a minute.

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